A little more about Teri Lee

Thanks soauthor photo much for reading my blog! I hope you are enjoying my posts. And thanks so much for clicking on this page to learn a little more about me.  My passion is writing.  It’s something I’ve loved to do since I was a teenager. My first publication was an article titled The Value of Clinical Feedback, which made its appearance in the November issue of Nursing 2012 Critical Care.

On August 21, 2014, Troubled Spirits a YA Paranormal novel was published by Black Rose Writing. Since then I’ve been learning lots about marketing a book while working on its sequel, Whispering Spirits.

For now I pay my bills with my other passion–ER nursing. That’s where I get to work with an amazing team. Together we save lives, wrangle the occasional drunk and rescue a splinters.

My husband of 25 years is a chef. Before you think I’m lucky, remember, he spends fifty plus hours a week in his work kitchen, so I don’t see too many gourmet meals in mine!

I have three amazing children, Justin, Brittany and Garrick as well as twin granddaughters, Emmah and Miah.

Troubled Spirits add

If  you’d like to purchase Troubled Spirits, here are links to Amazon, B&N, Google Play, and Smashwords and BlackRoseWriting.  

Happy reading and remember, it’s okay to keep the lights on!

3 thoughts on “A little more about Teri Lee”

  1. Donna Whalen said:

    Have just taken the time to read your blog. Really enjoyed it. Loved the moon reflections. Have heard we’ll have a strawberry moon tonight, hope I can stay awake long enough to see it!

    Hope all is well! School year is winding down…2 more weeks and a day, not that I’m counting. Just finished what felt like a very successful unit on the Holocaust centered on the play based on The Diary of Anne Frank and several other Holocaust era novels. The students did some really insightful writing, am so proud of them. Yesterday we took all 80 of them to the Holocaust center in Augusta. What a moving experience. Think of you often, hope all is well! Donna Whalen

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! I love your students and am not at all surprised that their writing was insightful! I will be back in Maine at least through September and would love to spend a day with your class again! But for now, enjoy your summer and take some time to bask in the moonlight (sunlight is good, too)


  2. Donna Whalen said:

    Would love to talk with you this summer. I will be starting with a new group of students at the end of August, It would be wonderful to have you spend time with them!

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