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Day 6: A Short Day

I’m up, but tired.  I start my day interviewing my neighboring camp mates. No they didn’t hear anything last night. No they didn’t come down to check on me. But the creeper will not ruin my day or my trip. I set out to explore Collosal Cave Moubtain Park.  I am to see a roadrunner.  I see some sort of orange ringtail critter. A … Read More Day 6: A Short Day


Day 3: The problem with boredom 

I would make the absolute worst long distance truck driver on the planet!  You see, I don’t seem to last more than 2 hours before I need to get out of the car, if only for a minute. And it was this propensity to boredom that led to the story that follows.    After San Antonio, Texas I-10 is an never ending stretch of high … Read More Day 3: The problem with boredom 


Memories of a Road Trip

Trip Checklist Take car to mechanic Snacks Clothes Extra copies of Troubled Spirits Kindle Books Papers for Work Toiletries Dog food Disposable urine bag Today’s the day. My car is in tip-top shape and everything on my list is tucked away. I’m ready to begin my trek to the Carolinas! Are you wondering about that last item? Well, there’s a story behind that… I … Read More Memories of a Road Trip