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Treasure of The Beehive – Acadia National Park

I’ve been practicing a new skill. I’m learning to reach out to the world around me and embrace it. Which is why, after working the overnight shift in the ER, I wasn’t napping as I waited for my friend to join me at Acadia National Park. The sound of the crashing surf drew me down the stairs to Sand Beach. My face tingled in … Read More Treasure of The Beehive – Acadia National Park


Journey to Katahdin’s Summit

The sun was still tucked away beneath the horizon when my eyes opened. I lay still, listening to the bubbling gurgle of Katahdin Stream as it wandered past the campsite. I rolled out of my sleeping bag, pausing to gaze up into the still-dark sky at the waning gibbous moon that shone down on me. It took only a moment for the cool morning air … Read More Journey to Katahdin’s Summit