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Underground Treasure

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Except that Christmas is months in the past and there won’t be any presents. But this is better than presents. This is an adventure! I’m about to venture into the depths of Jewel Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This tour is considered the most strenuous wild cave tour in the National Park system. And … Read More Underground Treasure


That Place

On each assignment, I search for That Place. It only has a few requirements.       It must be nearby.       It must bring me closer to nature.       It must allow dogs (I do make an exception to this rule when Rocky doesn’t travel with me.)       It must center me. Sometimes I’ll be almost through … Read More That Place


Ancient Majesty

I awake to the sound of a light rain. I feel rested–recovered from my trek across the US. And now my mind moves on to the reason I made that journey.  There are so many things here in California that I want to experience. Is there a reason I can’t start now? Grocery shopping-done Car unpacked-done Pre assignment checklist – done I grab Rocky, … Read More Ancient Majesty


Day 5- addendum: the Creeper

My eyes fly open and I lay still, listening.  Crunch. Crunch. The distinct sound of footsteps approach.  A million thoughts race through my head…the gate’s locked. No one is camping near me. I am completely alone.  The bathroom is in the other direction. The couple in their camper won’t hear me scream… The steps draw closer and Rocky growls.  A light  shines  into my … Read More Day 5- addendum: the Creeper

Day 4: Deserts and Desserts

I unzip my tent and shiver in the cool air.According to my phone it’s only 34 degrees.  For a moment I consider crawling back into my sleeping bag to wait for the sun to rewarm the earth. And then I glimpse the colors on the eastern horizon.     I’m ten miles away from I-10 and even  though the posted speed limit is 70 on … Read More Day 4: Deserts and Desserts


First Step to Fitness at Any Age: Persevering without Preservatives

First step to Fitness for Any Age: Persevering without Preservatives When you hit forty, a plethora of bodily function expirations come due.  Suddenly you need glasses. Then your body’s thermoregulation goes out the window – sometimes you want to toss your shirt, and well, all of your clothing along with it. Your joints begin to creak and pop. The dryer adds to your body’s … Read More First Step to Fitness at Any Age: Persevering without Preservatives


The Stethoscope -III

I felt my holder’s shoulders tense as they rolled you into the room. The paramedic pumping against your chest barely pauses as your body is lifted onto the stretcher. Dark curls frame your face. It is a young face. Too young. The angry mark around your neck tells a story too painful to comprehend. My holder’s hands move to your IV, flushing saline through … Read More The Stethoscope -III