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Day 5- addendum: the Creeper

My eyes fly open and I lay still, listening.  Crunch. Crunch. The distinct sound of footsteps approach.  A million thoughts race through my head…the gate’s locked. No one is camping near me. I am completely alone.  The bathroom is in the other direction. The couple in their camper won’t hear me scream… The steps draw closer and Rocky growls.  A light  shines  into my … Read More Day 5- addendum: the Creeper


Day 5: There and Back

 I am awake. And I’m excited, not just because of the amazing sunrise or the way the sun sets the mountains behind me on fire!        I am excited because today,  for the first time, I know where I am going. Years ago I visited Collosal Cave Mountain Park and fell in love with the surrounding desert, so when I realized that I could … Read More Day 5: There and Back