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Day 5- addendum: the Creeper

My eyes fly open and I lay still, listening.  Crunch. Crunch. The distinct sound of footsteps approach.  A million thoughts race through my head…the gate’s locked. No one is camping near me. I am completely alone.  The bathroom is in the other direction. The couple in their camper won’t hear me scream… The steps draw closer and Rocky growls.  A light  shines  into my … Read More Day 5- addendum: the Creeper


Memories of a Road Trip

Trip Checklist Take car to mechanic Snacks Clothes Extra copies of Troubled Spirits Kindle Books Papers for Work Toiletries Dog food Disposable urine bag Today’s the day. My car is in tip-top shape and everything on my list is tucked away. I’m ready to begin my trek to the Carolinas! Are you wondering about that last item? Well, there’s a story behind that… I … Read More Memories of a Road Trip