Troubled Spirits

Troubled Spirits is my debut novel which is out and about on its second debut.  It was originally published by a small press in August 2014. Although I am thankful for this opportunity, I’m not sure it gave me access to a larger audience of readers.

I am excited about self-publishing Troubled Spirits! I love the idea of being in control of pricing, availability, special offers, giveaways and more.

Yep…Guilty…Control issues!

Now for a little background on Troubled Spirits.

Troubled Spirits is a young adult paranormal novel. My fingers danced over the keyboard for a little over a year to complete the initial draft. After many rejections and a meeting with an editor at the SCBWI conference, I went back to the story and wove a sub plot into its pages. About four months into the submission process, the first edition of Troubled Spirits was picked up by a small press in Texas. It is not a true story and the characters are real only in my head. (They do speak to me and sometimes even wake me up in the middle of the night.) However, some of the characters were inspired by people in my life.

Sixteen-year-old Annie Waters is a troubled spirit of the flesh and blood variety. She is tormented by guilt over of her role in the death of her father and adamant in her disbelief of anything supernatural. But she is alone in her paranormal skepticism–her mother believes she was visited by Annie’s dead grandmother at her birth and her best friend, Harmony is obsessed with all things mystic. When Annie and her friends sneak into the abandoned Caldwell School, Annie is forced to face the reality that ghosts are real…and not all of them are friendly. Shortly after this undesirable revelation, she meets the mysterious, smoulderingly hot, Drew. Their relationship gives Annie the strength to face the dark spirit of the Caldwell School.

The story is set in Shady Cove, a fictional town in Maine. The town is loosely based on Cumberland, Maine, home to Greely School, which is rumored to be haunted. Like Callie, in Troubled Spirits, I only found one online reference of this haunting. A visit to the library and interview with the librarian left me in the same information void I’d arrived with. I even spent a day visiting every cemetery in Cumberland, looking for evidence that the rumors were true.  Still in the void.

At one point in the story, Annie visits Rangeley, Maine. This is a real town and one of my favorite places.

One of my favorite marketing techniques was the making of the Troubled Spirits book Trailer.


To find out more, you’ll have to read the book! Here’s a link to order Troubled Spirits on Kindle or Paperback.  Or you can click on any of the titles in this post.

Happy Reading!





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